Guiding Values and Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

MISSION STATEMENT: As leaders and members of the NUCATS Institute, we resolutely commit to addressing structural barriers and systemic racism that impede the conduct of science and the training and development of scientists. We are committed to advancing and advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, belongingness, and anti-racism in our clinical research objectives, participant recruitment, and research experience as well as in our workforce and workplace. With our partners, we stand united to achieve these same goals in the greater Chicagoland communities.

GUIDING VALUES: We recognize the indelible harms inflicted upon communities of color throughout the history of medical research and the ongoing and pervasive health effects of personal exposure to structural and systemic racism within and outside of healthcare and especially within clinical research settings. We further recognize that each one of us has biases; we share in the work of addressing direct and indirect contributions that have perpetuated structural and systemic inequalities. We commit to moving forward together with our Chicagoland community partners and to accelerate innovative clinical and translational research that will improve human health for all. We are committed to robust, expansive, and empowered community engagement efforts in all we do.

OPERATIONAL INTENTIONS: We will develop and regularly update concrete plans aligned with the guiding values enumerated above. In collaborative deliberations with key stakeholders, the first plans are set for release in spring 2022. The NUCATS leadership team, in collaboration with our community partners, will regularly monitor and evaluate our progress on those actions and transparently share our progress with our researchers and our community at large.

Investigator Resources

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  • Minority Faculty Association
    • The Minority Faculty Association is committed to enhancing the recruitment, retention and promotion of underrepresented minority faculty through mentorship, professional development, and networking at Feinberg.
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