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Mentor Training Certificate Program

The Mentor Training Certificate Program consists of in-person and online workshops designed to train faculty in becoming effective clinical and translational research mentors. Requirements to obtain this certificate are outlined below. 

This program is open to faculty who hold appointments in the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Faculty in other colleges may participate if they are engaged in biomedical research. Fill out this short form to indicate your intent to enroll.

 Workshop Requirements

All requirements must be completed within three years to be eligible to "count" toward the certificate.

Download the workshop schedule

Note: To receive credit for any given workshop, you must attend the full 90-minute session and complete the corresponding session evaluation.

Attend All 3 Required 90-Minute Workshops (4.5 Hours)

  • Establishing and Aligning Expectations
  • Cultural Awareness to Enhance Mentoring Across Differences
  • Articulating your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan

Required workshops will be offered annually, both in person and online, pending COVID restrictions. Certificate program faculty can attend either the in-person or online workshop (with a strong preference for in person if your schedule allows). In-person workshops will be capped at 25 attendees.

Attend 3 Additional 90-Minute Elective Workshops (4.5 Hours)

  • Maintaining Effective Communication/Difficult Conversations
  • Fostering Independence/Transitioning your Mentee to Independence
  • Dealing with Mentoring Challenges
  • Work-Life Integration
  • Goal Planning at Different Career Stages
  • Creating SMART/SMARTER Goals
  • Mentor Mapping and Developmental Networks
  • Evaluating Your Goals/Evaluating Your Mentee’s Goals

Elective workshops will be offered online throughout the year; topics for elective sessions may change each academic year.

 Program Surveys & Evaluations

  1. Complete Baseline Survey at the start of the program (prior to the first session you attend).
  2. Complete evaluations for every session for which you are seeking "credit" (within one week of session attended).
  3. Complete NUCATS Mentoring annual surveys for the year(s) in which you are in the certificate program.

 Retroactive Credit

For those who participated in the NUCATS Series on Developing and Enhancing Mentoring Relationships in 2020-2021, you may be able to "count: workshops you attended online via Zoom.

Please note that you must have attended the workshops; watching the recordings after the fact online is not sufficient to receive credit for workshops. 

To receive credit for the online sessions in 2020-2021, you must complete the end of the year survey for 2020-2021.

Learn about retroactive credit

Meet Our Team

Faculty Director

Dr. Cameron

Kenzie A. Cameron, PhD, MPH
Professor in the Departments of Medicine (General Internal Medicine), Medical Education, Preventive Medicine and Medical Social Sciences

Senior Project Coordinator

Morgan Barrowman


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