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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online data capture for research studies. REDCap makes managing your data easier by providing a single location for collection and storage, empowers scientists to design and control forms for data collection and requires minimal programmer and IT involvement. Some common uses of REDCap are longitudinal data collection, recruitment screeners, participant self-reporting measures via surveys, and electronic consenting (eConsent) with a 21 CFR Part 11 approved workflow for FDA studies.

Visit our Research Resources page and sort the Toolkit Directory by "REDCap" for a list of related resources.

Download the Overview Guide

Login to REDCap
  • Note: Access is not automatic (there's a process you must complete first) and once granted, you must be on the Northwestern network (VPN) to log in. 


REDCap has two specific roles within its platform: users and project owners. All project owners are users, but not all users are project owners. 


A REDCap user is a study team member with general REDCap access. To access projects, users need permission from project owners.

Project Owners

A REDCap project owner is responsible for the administration and design of the project and those accessing it.

Project owners can be directors, lead coordinators, or administrators, but only one project owner is allowed per project.

If you are interested in becoming a project owner, you must request access. Only project owners can request new projects.

Request Access

 Access for Users

All new REDCap user access permissions begin with the project owner:

  1. The project owner must distribute the REDCap User Agreement to the new user to initiate the access permission workflow.
  2. Once the new user signs the REDCap User Agreement, they will receive a notification with the next steps for REDCap access.
  3. Users will be granted access to the REDCap system only. Project owners must add users to their specific project.

 For Project Owners

If you are looking to start a new project, you'll need to become a project owner:

  1. Email with your name and NetID to request access to the REDCap New Project Owner training.
  2. Complete the New Project Owner Online Training, sign the attestation when prompted within the training and provide any supplementary materials if requested by the REDCap team.
  3. The REDCap team will review your materials and determine access within 24 to 48 hours of your submission.

Once you have been approved as a project owner, you can request a new project.

 Northwestern University Network/VPN Requirement

REDCap can only be accessed while on the Northwestern University network. If you are attempting access remotely, you must be logged into the university's global/native VPN or the SSL VPN. When a user signs the REDCap User Agreement to initially gain access, they are automatically granted REDCap SSL VPN permission.


REDCap uses your NetID and password for access. If you forgot your NetID password or need to reset it, please do so via NUIT and not the REDCap page. The REDCap "Reset Password" feature does not work.

Office Hours & Contact

If you would like to arrange a free, 15-minute consultation with a member of the REDCap team to discuss your questions or project design, please schedule an appointment during our office hours.

If you have any further questions after consulting our resources, please email us at

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