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Multicenter Clinical Trials (Trial Innovation Network)

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a collaborative initiative from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at the National Institutes of Health. The goal of the network is to execute multicenter clinical trials and studies better, faster and more cost-efficiently by building on local resources and leveraging the expertise, skills and knowledge of the 60-plus-institution Clinical and Translational Science Award program consortium.

TIN Overview & Getting Started: A guide for investigators

The following services are some of the many services available to faculty investigators developing or leading multicenter clinical trials:

  • Operationalizing central institutional review board services
  • Operationalizing standard agreements
  • Conducting electronic health record-based cohort assessments
  • Recruitment feasibility assessment, plans and materials
  • Community engagement consultation studios

Collaborating within the network:

  • Allows your team to focus on the study question by streamlining the multi-center study process
  • Reduces the activation energy required to develop your multicenter study by leveraging both national TIN and local hub resources and services
  • Gives you support from the local NUCATS TIN Liaison Team throughout the submission and implementation processes
  • Utilizes the CTSA Program hubs’ broad expertise and access to large, diverse patient populations
  • Is a great way to work in partnership with other NIH Institutes and Centers

The local NUCATS TIN liaison team will connect you to the national TIN. Please contact Toddie Hays or complete the intake form to start the submission process. Additional information is available on the national TIN website.

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Participating Institutions: