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We're here to help: NUCATS has a broad array of resources and services to assist you. We welcome all inquiries and are equipped to help you in your search for information and resources. All inquiries submitted through this form will be responded to by our NUCATS Navigator team. Clinical trial participants should visit our Participate in Clinical Research page for further contact information.

The NUCATS Institute is located at Northwestern's Chicago campus:

Arthur J. Rubloff Building
750 North Lake Shore Drive, 11th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611


 NUCATS Leadership and Administration

Richard D'Aquila, MD

Senior Associate Dean for Clinical & Translational Research
Director of NUCATS

Faculty Profile

Justin Starren, MD, PhD, FACMI

Deputy Director of NUCATS
Director of the Center for Data Science and Informatics

Faculty Profile

Keith Herzog, MPPA

Executive Director, Administration and Director, Trial Innovation Network Liaison Team

keith.herzog( at )

(312) 503-2383

Roger Anderson

Director of Marketing and Communications

roger-anderson( at )

(312) 503-2903

Amanda Zhou

Senior Research Administrator

cuiping.zhou( at )

(312) 503-2205

Kena Bilbrew

Associate Institute Administrator

shakena.jackson( at )

(312) 503-2307

 NUCATS Navigator

Toddie Hays

Senior Research Navigator

patricia.hays( at )

(312) 503-2308

 Center for Clinical Research

Michael Ison, MD MS

Director, CCR

mgison( at )

Faculty Profile

Mary Beth Blocher

Program Assistant

mary.blocher( at )

(312) 503-2093

Maya Delgado

CRU Program Assistant

maya.delgado( at )

(312) 503-2498

Elizabeth Garcia

Program Administrator

elizabeth.garcia1( at )

(312) 503-2225

Erica Hart

Financial Assistant

erica.hart( at )

(312) 503-4122

Christian Heck

Financial Coordinator

christian.heck( at )

(312) 503-2268

James Kim

Financial Administrator

james.kim2( at )

(312) 503-2271

Sharnia Lashley

Senior Regulatory Coordinator

sharnia.lashley( at )

(312) 503-4128

Ariana Memishi

Regulatory Coordinator

ariana.memishi( at )

(312) 503-5647

Nellie Perez

Program Coordinator

nellie.perez( at )

(312) 503-2219

Fujan Simorgh

Financial Assistant

fujan.simorgh( at )

(312) 503-2272

Sherri Willoughby, RN, MSN

Manager, Clinical Research Unit

swilloug( at )

(312) 694-4898

 Center for Community Health

Namratha Kandula, MD, MPH

Co-Director, Center for Community Health

Faculty Profile

Darius Tandon, PhD

Co-Director, Center for Community Health

Faculty Profile

Jen F Brown, MPH

Director, Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities

jenbrown( at )

(312) 503-2942

Faculty Profile

Josefina Serrato

Consultation Manager, Stakeholder-Academic Resource Panels

josefina.serrato( at )


Amanda Venables

Administrator, Northwestern Primary Care Practice-Based Research Program

amanda.venables( at )

(312) 503-0854

Ariel Thomas

ARCC Community Engagement Liaison

arielthomas( at )

(312) 380-9151

Jessica Johnson

Senior Program Administrator, Dissemination and Implementation

jessica.johnson01( at )

(312) 503-6808

Marquita Lewis-Thames, PhD, MPH, MS

marquita.lewis-thames( at )

Faculty Profile

 Center for Education & Career Development

Mercedes Carnethon, PhD

Co-Director, Center for Education and Career Development

carnethon( at )

Faculty Profile

Ravi Kalhan, MD

Co-Director, Center for Education and Career Development

r-kalhan( at )

Faculty Profile

Emily Traw

Assistant Director, CECD

emily.traw( at )

(312) 503-7942

Ana Maria Acosta, PhD

Director of Clinical Research Career Pathway Programs

a-acosta( at )

Faculty Profile

Morgan Barrowman

Senior Project Coordinator

morgan.barrowman( at )

(312) 503-3284

Olivia Griffin

Content Coordinator

olivia.griffin( at )

(312) 503-2274

Jason Kniss

Training Specialist - Instructional Design

jason-kniss( at )

(312) 503-5811

Nicole Masen

Program Administrator CRPT

n-masen( at )

(312) 503-3337

Adam White

Program Administrator

adam-white( at )

(312) 503-2244

Jaime Ziegler

Program Coordinator

jaime.ziegler( at )

(312) 503-2253

 Informatics: Applied Research Informatics Group

Firas Wehbe, MD, PhD

ARIG Director, Chief Research Informatics Officer

Faculty Profile

Abby Cosentino-Boehm, DrPH

Director of Clinical Research Operations

(312) 503-2306

Matthew Baumann


matthew.baumann( at )

(312) 503-2345

Yulia Bushmanova

Senior Developer

y-bushmanova( at )

(312) 503-2835

Evan Fujita


evan.fujita( at )

(312) 503-1819

Pearl Go

Research Data Analyst

pearl.go( at )

(312) 503-2389

Michael Gurley

Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer

m-gurley( at )

(312) 503-2329

Linda Lewandosky

Senior User Support Specialist

linda.lewandosky1( at )

(312) 503-2331

Jalpa Patel

Lead Developer

jalpa-patel( at )

(312) 503-2316

Joseph Perkins

Senior User Support Specialist

joseph.perkins( at )

(312) 503-5319

Tara Radford

Research data analyst

tara.radford( at )

(312) 503-4878

Arseny Semin

Senior Developer

arseny.semin( at )

(312) 503-2377

John Serafin

Systems Analyst/Programmer

j-serafin( at )

(312) 503-4086

Samer Sharba

Senior Developer

samer.sharba( at )

(312) 503-2329

Pierre Shum


pierre.shum( at )

(312) 503-3820

Eric Stanczyk

Senior User Support Specialist

eric.stanczyk( at )

(312) 503-2359

William Tate

User Support Specialist

william.tate( at )

(312) 503-1941

Leticia Vega

Senior User Support Specialist

leticia.vega( at )

(312) 503-2827

Diana Webb

Administrative Assistant 3

diana.webb( at )

(312) 503-1709

Laura Wimbiscus Yoon

Senior Project Manager

l-wimbiscus( at )

(312) 503-2319

 Informatics: Center for Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

Justin Starren, MD, PhD, FACMI

CBIDS Director

Faculty Profile

Abby Cosentino-Boehm, DrPH

Director of Clinical Research Operations

(312) 503-2306

Nicholas Soulakis, PhD

Director of Data Science Services

Faculty Profile

Yuan Luo, PhD

Chief AI Officer

yuan.luo( at )

(312) 503-5742

Faculty Profile

 Center for Translational Innovation

Alicia Löffler, PhD

Executive Director, INVO, Center for Translational Innovation

a-loffler( at )

(847) 491-4647

Alexandra de Paz, PhD

Assistant Director of New Ventures

alexandra.depaz( at )

(312) 503-2213

 Galter Health Sciences Library

Kristi Holmes, PhD

Director, Galter Health Sciences Library

kristi.holmes( at )

(312) 503-1906

Faculty Profile

 Northwestern Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse

Adam Frink

Research Data Analyst Associate

adam.frink( at )

(312) 694-0805

Quan Mai

Research Data Analyst Associate

(312) 694-0796

Anna Pawlowski

Senior Data Analyst

(312) 694-0776

Dan Schneider

Team Leader, Database

dschneid( at )

(312) 694-0819

Philip Silberman

Research Data Analyst

psilber1( at )

(312) 694-0767

Parmeen Singh

Research Data Analyst Associate

parmeen.bindra( at )

 Northwestern University Data & Analysis Coordinating Center

Denise Scholtens, PhD

Director, Northwestern University Data Analysis and Coordinating Center

Faculty Profile

 Research Design and Analysis Methods Program

Leah Welty, PhD

BERD Director

Faculty Profile

 Team Science Program

Bonnie Spring, PhD

Director of the Team Science Program and Center for Behavioral Health

Faculty Profile

Madison Hartstein

Senior Project Manager

madison.hartstein( at )

Megha Patel


megha.patel( at )

(312) 503-6594

Angela Pfammatter, PhD

312 503 1574

Faculty Profile

 Voucher & Pilot Programs

Keith Herzog, MPPA

Administrative Director and Director, Trial Innovation Network Liaison Team

keith.herzog( at )

(312) 503-2383

Participating Institutions: