Leadership and Management Strategies for Clinical Investigators

Clinical investigators, physician-scientists, and multidisciplinary teams interfacing with clinical departments balance many tensions in their work. Inherent conflicts may exist between meeting institutional needs for clinical care, building a research practice, and simultaneously being maximally effective today, whilst strategizing for the future.

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As responsibilities increase and diversify, success on individual merits becomes less sustainable and many researchers are beginning to build teams critical to their missions. As a collaboration between Kellogg and NUCATS, this course will help researchers harness unique leadership skills that are not taught in the many years of clinical and scientific education most have already completed.

Join the Program

  • Led by Kellogg faculty in an interactive classroom setting
  • Participants will learn practical and effective approaches to topics including organizational culture, strategic time management, feedback and persuasion strategies and diversifying funding sources
  • Students will leave with a better sense for how to leverage personal leadership strengths to build collaborative work teams and navigate competing work demands 
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Who Should Attend

Faculty members who are early to mid-career and building their research program.

Leadership and Management Strategies for Clinical Investigators is a four-day program that offers clinical investigators and their administrative team leaders a chance to build a foundation of evidence-based management and leadership skills that can be applied to the business side of science.

  • In 2024, Leadership and Management Strategies for Clinical Investigators will take place May 13-16.
  • Interested faculty are welcome to view an information session that was held on November 15th.

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Program Content

With research-based curricula presented by subject matter experts from Kellogg, attendees will be exposed to a rigorous classroom learning experience.

Leadership and Management Topics:

  • Leveraging strengths-based leadership
  • Enhancing persuasion and influence skills
  • Understanding and creating strong organizational culture
  • Establishing equitable people processes
  • Providing feedback and managing difficult conversations
  • Learning to thrive as a leader through intention and purpose
  • Diversifying funding sources

Core Faculty

Amy Stewart Smith - Academic Director; Director of Nonprofit Executive Programs

Heather Barnes - Adjunct Lecturer in Leadership Development and Communications

Michelle Bess - SVP of People, OppFi

Michelle L. Buck - Clinical Professor of Leadership

Richard Jolly - Clinical Associate Professor of Executive Education

Liz Livingston Howard - Clinical Professor of Management; Executive Director of Nonprofit Executive Education

Loran Nordgren - Professor of Management & Organizations

Nicholas A. Pearce - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the course is $5,000. The University’s Benefits Division includes support for certificate courses through the Employee Certificate Tuition program ($5,250 per calendar year). This benefit will cover the entire cost of tuition for this Kellogg executive education program. Employees must have completed one year of full-time, benefits-eligible service prior to the beginning of the term and must be on the payroll at the beginning and completion of the course.


Meet Our Team



Divakar S Mithal, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Neurology and Epilepsy)

CECD Assistant Director


Priya Tripathi
Assistant Director, Center for Education and Career Development

Program Administrator


Jaime Ziegler
Program Coordinator, Center for Education and Career Development

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