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Dissemination & Implementation Program

The Dissemination & Implementation program represents a collaboration between the Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science (CDIS) and Center for Community Health (CCH) and provides education, training, and consultation to academic and community stakeholders on best practices for translating evidence-based services and programs into clinical and community practice.

Research cannot serve to improve health and health equity if new knowledge is not shared with all partners in formats that are understandable and actionable. CDIS and CCH provide various forms of consultation, technical assistance, workshops, seminars, and writing retreats to help academic and community partners collaborate in activities that range from the development of new research that is designed from the beginning for future dissemination and implementation, to the successful publication of community-engaged implementation efforts.

CDIS and CCH networks work to disseminate and implement new clinical information in their practices by sharing findings via webinars, EHR-based tools and guidelines for implementation trials. CDIS and CCH have been working with NUCATS to fund new forms of pilot grants to improve research dissemination and implementation. In parallel, CDIS and CCH faculty bring expertise in implementation science methods and community-engagement, respectively, to develop training resources to support awardees and future applicants.

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 D&I Concept Highlight: Determinants of Implementation

  • NUCATS D&I Reading Course Presentation: Drs. Miriam Rafferty and Dennis Li define determinants of implementation, tools to study them and measure them, and two examples from funded HIV research.
  • CFIR website: This site was created for individuals considering using the CFIR to evaluate an implementation or design an implementation study. Free resources for the use of CFIR can be found here.
  • CFIR explained in Under 5 Minutes: Dr. Matt Chinnman from the University of Pittsburgh D&I initiative introduces CFIR as away to explain what messes up program implementation.
  • CFIR 2.0: Dr. Laura Damschrodder speaks about the next stage of development of the CFIR. Content starts at min 39:20 of video.

 Annual Implementation Science Reading Course

This course includes reading and dicsussions geared toward research teams and practitioners new to the field of Implementation Science who are considering applying for NUCATS D&I pilot funds or other D&I sponsored funding. 

Registration for the course is available at the beginning of each year, and the course runs from February to June annually. Students, trainees, staff, and faculty from Northwestern University and NUCATS affiliates are invited to participate.

For questions about the reading course, email

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 D&I Presentations and Webinars

The NUCATS D&I program regularly hosts webinars and workshops. Please check this page for information on up coming events.



 Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC)

We encourage those who are interested in the implementation of Evidence Based Psychosocial Interventions (EBPIs) to join SIRC as a member. As a SIRC member, you will have access to discounted conference rates, SIRC activities, access to SIRC resources (tool repository) and be added to a SIRC listserv to receive additional information.

Dr. JD Smith introduces the SIRC instrument repository and describes how the measures in the repository where reviewed and how they can be selected for use in implementation research.

The NUCATS D&I program holds a SIRC Institutional Membership with remaining member slots available. For further inquiries, please email

SIRC Learning Opportunities

 Prevention Science and Methodology Group (PSMG)

The Prevention Science and Methodology Group is a virtual network of more than 900 empirical researchers and methodologists aimed to advance the field of prevention science and support the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs. PSMG hosts virtual grand round presentations on Implementation Science during the academic year.

 PSMG Implementation Science Video Archive

Past PSMG presentations on Implementation Science are freely available to the public via the presentation archive.

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