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Staff Profile: Priya Tripathi Offers Artist's Touch to Education Programming

Priya Tripathi works to paint a brighter future for translational research education.

Her talents, however, are not confined to educational development; Tripathi’s passion for oil painting accentuates her creativity in programming direction. As the assistant director of the Center for Education and Career Development, Tripathi paints a vivid portrait at the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences (NUCATS) Institute, endorsing learning as a tool for intellectual beauty.

“Education is much more than just classes or lectures. We really are focused on the development and advancement of the professionals in Northwestern’s research enterprise. No day is ever the same as we are always looking for new educational opportunities to provide or innovate on our current initiatives,” Tripathi said.


I manage a wonderful team of staff that are responsible for the training of the entire translational research workforce through educational programs ... I’m most excited when my team succeeds and shares those successes.”

Her career at NUCATS began nine years ago as a Regulatory Coordinator within the Center for Clinical Research. Upon graduating with a Master’s degree in Regulatory Compliance and Clinical Research, Tripathi held positions within Northwestern’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Institute for Global Health, and the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute. In October 2022, she returned to NUCATS in her current role.

In her leadership role at CECD, Tripathi emphasizes the importance of teamwork in achieving training objectives. She values the ability to work alongside her NUCATS family.

“I manage a wonderful team of staff that are responsible for the training of the entire translational research workforce through educational programs. Our programs allow early career faculty, postdoctoral fellows, scholars, trainees, and clinical research professionals to advance Northwestern’s research enterprise.”

Tripathi is fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded leaders.

“I am grateful to have such high-functioning individuals on my team who share the same spirit and vision I do. I’m most excited when my team succeeds and shares those successes – our Center is always focused on providing the best programs and it’s the little wins that make me happy.”

While her team often succeeds in programming development and innovation, Tripathi admits that directing educational avenues within the research enterprise presents challenges. Most notable among them include accommodating all members given the vast scale of the Institute.

“The research enterprise at Northwestern is so expansive and I sometimes feel like we aren’t reaching everyone that we possibly could. It’s even trickier with education because oftentimes the individuals that would benefit most from one of our programs, understandably just don’t have time for it. 


Priya Tripathi has two solo art exhibitions in April and July where her work will be on display for a month. 

Event Dates: 4/1/2024 - 4/30/2024
Location: Gallery Cafe
Address: 1760 W North Ave, Chicago

Event Dates: 7/10/2024 - 8/7/2024
Reception: 7/14/2024  
Location: Leslie Wolfe Gallery
Address: 1763 N. North Park Ave, Chicago

Tripathi is optimistic in taking on this challenge. She consistently looks for growth opportunities, both in her professional role and the broader Center, to equip and mobilize her team with the proper tools to educate.

“Innovating and exploring new ways to provide education to the research enterprise is always top of mind for me and a barrier we’ll continue to run into. But it also makes the role more exciting.” 

Tripathi grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Palatine and now resides in Lincoln Park with her husband and borador, Bella — a cross between a labrador retriever and border collie. Living in Chicago provides key inspiration for her artistry; her oil painting hobby has garnered notable acclaim. 

I have two solo art exhibitions coming up in April and July where my work will be on display for a month — I just started diving into showing and selling my art, so I always welcome anyone who wants to chat about art or check out my work.” 

Whether Tripathi is creating  a new oil painting, leading a novel program, or innovating on team initiatives, it is evident her creative versatility is an asset at NUCATS and beyond.

Written by Alex Miranda

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