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Driving Innovations in Biostatistics with Denise Scholtens, PhD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is home to a team of premier faculty and staff biostatisticians who are a driving force of data analytic innovation and excellence. In this episode of the Breakthroughs podcast, Denise Scholtens, PhD, director of the Northwestern University Data Analysis and Coordinating Center (NUDACC) and a leader in biostatistics at Feinberg, discusses the growing importance of the field of biostatistics and how she leverages her skills to collaborate on several projects in Maternal and Fetal Health. NUDACC is supported by the NUCATS Institute.

I'm continually surprised by new data types. I think that we will see the emergence of a whole new kind of technology that we probably can't even envision five years from now.”

Denise Scholtens, PhD, NUDACC Director
Since arriving at Feinberg in 2004, Scholtens has played a central role in the dramatic expansion of biostatistics at the medical school. Now the director of NUDACC, Scholtens brings her expertise and leadership to large-scale, multicenter studies that can lead to clinical and public health practice decision-making. Listen to podcast  

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