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September Staff Shoutouts

The past two years have been trying for all of us, says Center for Clinical Research Director Michael Ison, MD, MS. We have been asked to work exceptionally hard and have had to endure major stressors with our jobs. I have been constantly amazed at what incredible work the entire CCR has done. Recently, staffing shortages have added significant strain and required individuals to take on new roles or work harder to support the team and the work we are doing for our investigators. Over the last month, Ison asked CCR team leaders to identify those who have gone above and beyond. Thank you all for your team effort — and lets all take the time to acknowledge the hard work we have been doing.

Maya Delgado

Maya Delgado has achieved and proven to be a valuable contributor to the CRU team. She also handled her responsibilities while I was out on FMLA. She has managed her onboarding and training process with dedication, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn the billing aspect for growth opportunities.

Paulina Bernabe

Paulina Bernabe lead the PI Project:  Designing and Implementing a Research Acuity Scale.  Project support from CRU RNs Marylyn Sarau-Young and Meghan Palubin.  Completed through the NM LEAD professional development program.

Liz Garcia

Team Kudos:  In addition, I would like to give kudos to myself, Liz Garcia and Nellie Perez for showcasing teamwork throughout CRU’s leadership and process changes over the last two years. We both embraced change with positivity and the ability to adapt to change.

Emily Hill

Emily Hill aided in the Intake Process Update and Revamp.  Project support from Meghan Palubin, Joan Pasquesi, and the NU CRU Team of Liz Garcia, Nellie Perez, and Maya Delgado.

Submitted journal article based on original research funded by the NM Nurse Scholar Program.

Marylyn Sarau-Young

PI Project, initially led by Marylyn Sarau-Young with support from Denae Allen-Decrescenzo and Rossana Valderueda, with handoff to Angelica LeungFung and Meghan Palubin. Transition to automated supply replenishment (KanBan system) – Led by Kelly Gregorovic.

Mary Beth Blocher

Mary Beth Blocher also deserves kudos for her continued support in her prior PA3 role, and for her training and supportive role to Bishop Knight across the role transitions. Mary Beth has done an outstanding job of managing CT.GOV and helping to significantly reduce the number of erred studies across NU. Mary Beth had previously received an excellence award for her work on CT.GOV, but since that time – she’s worked even harder to resolve the discrepancies with Dave Johnson and Keith Herzog, while training Bishop on the system. Mary Beth has also been engaged in improvements to REDCap CCR intake survey processes through her ongoing interactions with CRU and research teams. Mary Beth can be relied on to manage tasks and projects on time and on schedule, and she readily provides immediate data and reports when requested. Mary Beth would like to give kudos to Keith Herzog and Dave Johnson. They have greatly helped Mary Beth with addressing Problem Records in We’ve slowly been able to chip away at the total number of Problems Records in the PRS (in June, we hit a record low!).

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