Master of Science in Clinical Investigation


The Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) is a part-time graduate program sponsored by NUCATS. The objective of the MSCI program is to produce clinical scientists who are skilled in clinical research techniques, competitive in seeking research support, and knowledgeable about the complex issues associated with conducting sound clinical research, particularly in translational and clinical epidemiologic patient-oriented studies.


ccr.jpgThis program is designed for medical residents, fellows, and junior faculty members who wish to receive formal training in clinical research.

Medical professionals in the Chicago area not affiliated with Northwestern are also welcome to apply. 

All program participants are expected to be actively engaged in investigations with a mentor, preferably one at Northwestern University, who should have national funding (e.g., NIH, AHA).


Program Options

Graduate Degree

Earn a master's degree in Clinical Investigation.

Complete ten MSCI credits, including:

  • Six core courses
  • Two elective courses
  • Two research credits 

This degree is typically obtained in 2-3 years.

Students can enter the program at the beginning of any quarter, though fall quarter matriculation is highly encouraged.

Professional Certificates

Receive a certificate in Clinical and Translational Science.

Complete five courses from three disciplines, including:  

  • Two core courses
    • MSCI 321: Biostatistics for Clinical Investigators 1
    • MSCI 322: Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Three elective courses approved by MSCI administration

Individual Courses

Gain specific knowledge & professional skills.

Choose a course that fits your professional needs or interest:

  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Clinical Trials
  • Biostatistics for Clinical Investigators 
  • Writing & Peer Reviewing for Publication
  • Antiracist Strategies for Clinical and Translational Research 
  • Electronic Health Record Data as a Foundation for Clinical Research

Tuition & Fees

MSCI tuition and fee rates are set by The Graduate School. Please see the Student Financial Services page (part-time MS degree) for details. 

Northwestern faculty and staff may utilize their benefits to receive employee reduced tuition rates. Visit the Northwestern HR site to learn more.

Application Process

Students must complete an application prior to enrolling in any one of our program options. If you are interested in the certificate or individual courses, please reach out to Adam White for a brief consultation prior to completing the application.

Non-degree seeking students may change their status to degree-seeking and receive credit toward the MSCI degree program at any time. 

Students can enter the program at the beginning of any of the four quarters, though from a longitudinal and curricular standpoint, fall quarter matriculation is encouraged. The deadline for the next application cycle is July 5th, 2022.


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