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Evaluation & Continuous Improvement

The NUCATS Institute’s Evaluation and Continuous Improvement Program (ECIP) aims to continuously improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of the methods and processes of clinical and translational sciences through a novel, real-time, data-driven evaluation and continuous improvement process focused on the goal of enhancing research impact to improve human health. Our evaluation resources and services are leveraged by more than $100 million of funded centers and programs and we provide support for proposal development activities.

Services offered by ECIP include:

  • Dashboards and program evaluation data management
  • Data collection, analysis, and visualization services on the individual, program, and macro levels
  • Impact assessment services
  • Assistance in setting baseline goals and operationalizing clear, consistent metrics
  • Support for enhanced dissemination strategies
  • Bibliometric and scientometric analyses and visualizations
  • Other tools and resources to facilitate evaluation and continuous improvement activities

Outputs and impacts are evaluated using both classic and novel metrics through performance dashboards, data reports, and visualizations. Our instrumented processes promote seamless data capture to improve service and study tracking. We have a strong partnership with the Research and Assessment and Communications Department and Metrics and Impact Core at Galter Library and collaborate on bibliometrics projects and impact analyses. We also enjoy a highly collaborative and productive relationship with evaluators across the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and work together to advance thoughtful evaluation practices.

Team members serve on the CTSA Methods and Processes Enterprise Committee, several Common Metrics working groups, ACTS and AEA translational evaluation interest groups, and a range of other training, data, analysis, and reporting roles.

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