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Software Tools & Development

NUCATS offers software tools to help in the planning, development and conduct of research. Plus, the Center for Data Science & Informatics develops and supports more than 20 software tools to augment and accelerate the translational research process. 

Available tools include:

  • Feasibility Query Tool
    The i2b2 query tool provides you with a way to conduct your own feasibility analysis.
  • NITRO Competitions
    Provides tools for investigators, reviewers and administrators to run various types of reviews and competitions, including pilot projects, research awards and reviews.
  • Northwestern Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse
    May provide information to help you develop your hypothesis and conduct your own feasibility analysis.
  • Recruit Tool
    Helps you find potential participants for your study.
  • REDCap
    Allows investigators to define and manage their own data collection forms.
  • Study Tracker
    Not only supports enrollment, but also helps monitor participants as they progress on your study.

The Galter Health Sciences Library also has informatics software available for use on library computers and a license to the web-based pathway analysis package GeneGo MetaCore.

Open Source

Systems developed by NUCATS are released as open source projects, meaning that the source code is publicly available for other institutions to view. The source code for these software tools can be found in a few public source code repositories:

Web Services

Get web services, including site development, social media and web content strategy, and Cascade content management system training, through Feinberg’s Office of Communications.

Secure Application Federated Environment

The NUCATS Secure Application Federated Environment (SAFE) team provides consultation, development, hosting and support services that address the evolving needs in human subjects data protection. Our experienced team works to ensure your project meets government standards for privacy and security and manages the complexities of highly-secure hosting.

NUCATS was one of the first academic units to implement a Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA-moderate compliant) computing environment. We have since provided consulting on FISMA to other projects at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and to multiple other Clinical and Translational Science Award sites.

The cost of building a FISMA-moderate compliant environment for a research project is complicated and based on the current projects using the FISMA-SAFE environment, the total expenditures exceed $150K per project. As the number of projects and tools using this environment increase, we anticipate a decrease in the cost of providing this environment.

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