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NMHC Corner

The contents of this page are provided and managed by NMHC Research Programs and Administration Office. All questions regarding any of the information included on this page should be directly addressed with: 

Sarah C. Madia
Research Programs and Administration 
Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
25 N. Winfield Road, Winfield, IL 60190
(630) 933-5281 work
(630) 930-7871 cell
(630) 933-2713 fax

Madeline Dones
Operations Coordinator
Research Programs and Administration 
Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
Tel: 312.926.2720


  • NMHC, NMG, and Investigational Drug Research Fee Catalog Update


    The NMHC Fiscal Year 2022 Research Pricing Catalog is now available. You may download the full catalog, with pricing, from a secure connection by clicking on the catalog name below:

    Please remember to review your current study budgets to ensure that you update any deprecated services with updated CPT codes from the current Research Catalog. A deprecated service code will be noted in the description and should be removed from the budget and replaced with a new cpt code from the current FY22 Research Catalog.

    If you need more information or have questions about any of the individual catalogs or their contents, please contact Madeline Dones at the Office of Research Programs and Administration via e-mail at

  • 01.18.2018

    As part of P1, NU IRB Approved studies with NMHC services to be performed after March 3, 2018, are required to create new study budgets in Study Tracker.

    You can find detailed steps on budget creation in the Budget Setup Guide.

    Please refer to the Study Tracker & Project One Update Information FAQ for more detailed information.

  • 01.10.2017
    Dear Investigator,

    Because of changes being made to the medical record at Northwestern Medicine you may be at risk of loss of your research data, please read the following email.

    You are receiving this message because you are linked to a research study affiliated with Northwestern Medicine. As you may know, we are rebuilding our Epic platform to accommodate inpatient as well as outpatient care through an effort called Project One. We know that many of you have research related templates, workflow or other means of data capture that currently interfaces with Epic or Cerner (Power Chart). Without your active assistance to Project One it is highly likely those research tools and ability to collect data will break—perhaps preventing you from continuing to use our EHR systems to collect clinical data. Our number one reason for contacting you is to avoid this undesirable outcome.  To ensure that you continue to have access to the data you need after the Project One go-live date (March 2018), the Project One team needs your feedback to understand how you collect data from NM systems. There is significant risk that this project may hinder your ability to collect clinical information critical to the research you conduct, especially if you use Cerner/PowerChart currently.

    Thank you,

    Rex Chisholm


    Rex L. Chisholm, PhD
    Adam and Richard T. Lind Professor of Medical Genetics
    Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies
Feinberg School of Medicine
    Associate Vice President for Research
Northwestern University

    420 E. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60611
    Administrative Assistant: Meg Kennedy (

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