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How do I change my anticipated (or actual) Primary Completion Date in the Protocol Registration and Results System on

Northwestern's Clinical Research Center has created a how-to document to help investigators navigate this process. The Primary Completion Date should be updated to an actual date 30 calendar days after the clinical trial reaches its actual primary completion date.

Is there a charge for listing studies on

No, there is no charge for listing studies on is a free service of the National Institutes of Health, provided through the National Library of Medicine.

My study is not yet approved by a human subjects review board (ethics review committee, institutional review board). Can I enter it on

Most studies require approval from a human subjects review board. If your study requires approval, you may register your study on prior to getting approval. Because review board approval is pending, your study will not be recruiting and the Overall Recruitment Status of the study should be set to “Not yet recruiting” (see Overall Recruitment Status data element on when registering it.

Why can't I find my study on

The record has not yet been published to the public site by the review team.

Once a study is registered or modified in the PRS, it is marked Entry Complete by the user. The Responsible Party (see Responsible Party data element on Approves and Releases the record to the team for review. The team reviews the record to identify possible errors, deficiencies, or inconsistencies that are not detected automatically during data entry. The Responsible Party will be notified of any issues that need correction and the record reset to In Progress, if changes to the record are needed. The review of information may take up to 30 days. Once all corrections or edits are made (Entry Completed), the Responsible Party will Approve and Release the record for review again. Once the team has approved the corrections/edits, the record will be changed to Public and published to the website.

When will the NCT Number for my study be assigned?

The NCT Number, also called the Identifier, is assigned after the protocol information has been Released (submitted) by the Responsible Party and passed review by staff. At that time an e-mail notification containing the NCT Number is sent. The record, including its NCT Number, will typically be available on within 2–5 business days after it is released.

See How to Register Your Study for more information.

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