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Resources for clinical staff members

Clinical research staff are part of the lifeblood of Northwestern's research enterprise. These resources are meant to support your current career objectives while also fostering growth.

Research Excellence, Ethics, and Good Clinical Practices

Career Advancement: Continuing Education & Professional Development

Ongoing professional development resources are available through myHR Learn and are available to access at any time, on campus or remotely. Access this file for information on how to access myHR Learn.

  • Trainings to Consider:
    • Human Subjects Protections Module – myHR Learn ID: 00004520
    • Research with Genetic Material – myHR Learn ID: 00004522
    • Financial Conflict of Interest – myHR Learn ID: 00004460
    • Research Misconduct – myHR Learn ID: 00002480
    • Unconscious Bias – myHR Learn ID:  208938030
    • Research design and Analysis Methods Program (RAMP) modules:
      • Data Along the Research Path – myHR Learn ID: NUCATS –RAMP-101
      • The Mysterious Math of Medical Research – myHR Learn ID: NUCATS –RAMP-102
      • Patient Reported Outcomes — Measuring Subjective Experience – myHR Learn ID: NUCATS –RAMP-103
      • Day-to-Day Statistical Issues in Clinical Trials – myHR Learn ID: NUCATS –RAMP-104
  • Conferences and Professional Organizations
    • Enhancing Quality in the Translational Research (EQuaTR) Workforce Conference
    • Northwestern University Advisory Council for Clinical Research (ACCR)
    • Associate for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) training
    • ACRP Chicago Chapter provides educational events with continuing education (CE) credits
    • Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA)
  • Institutional Diversity & Inclusion

On-the-ground Study Support

The below resource links may be helpful to you in your day-to-day workflow and provide a wealth of other information and resources.
Participating Institutions: