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NUCATS has resources to support scientists across a continuum of translational research.

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Moving from Discoveries to Health

Biomedical research exists on a phased continuum. These phases inform and influence one another, and each phase poses unique challenges and requirements. NUCATS resources and experts are available to support scientists in a variety of ways across this continuum. Learn more by browsing the scientific pipeline below.

Conducting laboratory science informed by learnings from the clinical setting.

Using NUCATS Research Tools & Resources

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Applying bench discovery to people in controlled environments; evaluating the safety of an intervention.

Using NUCATS Research Tools & Resources

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Identifying and analyzing the optimal effects of an intervention or relationship on the human condition or environment.

Using NUCATS Research Tools & Resources

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Establishing clinical guidelines for a real-world setting; studying the implementation and dissemination of interventions.

Using NUCATS Research Tools & Resources

  • REDCap database application: Web-based application for managing an online database of research data, including human samples; use it to design and deploy clinical case report forms or secure targeted surveys for participant-provided data; the built-in library includes support for clinical terminologies and hundreds of validated data capture instruments
  • Northwestern Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse: Repository of clinical and research data on 6.3 million individuals; search for subjects and obtain structured exports of their EMR data or use recurring reports to monitor and obtain longitudinal structured lab and other clinical data for patients who are consented to be in your follow-up cohort
  • i2b2 Feasibility Query Tool: A tool to explore cohort availability (IRB approval is not required)
  • Study Tracker: Web-based clinical research for tracking consented participants in clinical studies and for ensuring compliance with institutional policies and human subjects protection regulations; all medical services related to studies at Northwestern Medicine are billed through Study Tracker 
  • Clinical Research Support: Receive regulatory support, including eIRB and support, learn to build clinical trial budget calendars and track expenses and reimbursements for sponsored clinical trials, gain access to the Clinical Research Units, and recieve recruitment and study coordination support
  • Consultation Support: Receive support for biostatistical needs and assistance with engaging stakeholders (communities, patients, providers) and forming partnerships

Available Funding

Studying the outcomes and effectiveness of an intervention in populations.

Using NUCATS Research Tools & Resources

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Our NUCATS Navigators can help you identify NUCATS resources and services to support your investigations. These experts can help you understand these tools and maximize their benefit.

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Biostatistics Research Design

Proposal development, study design, data management, statistical analysis and manuscript preparation


Center for Translational Innovation

Resources to accelerate dissemination through commercialization


Manage your own data collection through this web-based app


Regulatory Support

Training, mentoring and general regulatory guidance for scientists and staff
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Research Studios

Consultations for investigators in the early stages of a new program or grant
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Sex-Inclusive Research Toolbox

Supporting the conduct of sex-inclusive science
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Education and Career Development

NUCATS and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine offer a number of training and development opportunities to complement your goals in translational research.

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Housestaff Research Portal

Graduate Research Resources

We offer a wide range of resources, mentorship opportunities and training to help our residents and fellows excel as physician-scientists. Explore all of the resources and hear from housestaff who are making research a major part of their career development plans.

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