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Clinical Research Workforce Excellence (CReWE)


sqbrc_400x210.jpgCReWE is a monthly series for clinical research staff that promotes professional development and enables the Northwestern community to carry out compliant research practices.

CReWE covers a variety of topics, which may include: Good Clinical Practice (GCP), emerging trends in clinical research, regulatory compliance, and subject recruitment.


CReWE is required for all Northwestern University clinical research staff listed on an authorized personnel list of an expedited, exempt, or approved IRB protocol with an FSM faculty as the PI. Those who meet this requirement will be added to the CReWE distribution list that is updated by NUCATS on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to check and see if you are required to complete this training, please login to MyHRLearn and check the Certifications listed in your profile.

Clinical research staff who are on an authorized personnel list as described above are required to attend at least one session per academic year. For attendance to be counted, staff must attend the session in full. All are welcome to attend additional sessions if interested.

Dates & Deadlines

Clinical research staff should complete the online CReWE module in myHRLearn within the first three months of their role.

Live CReWE sessions are held over Zoom on a monthly basis from September-June on varying days of the month. We look forward to seeing you in September 2022.


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Cost & Registration

The online module and live trainings are available to all university personnel in the myHRLearn system at no additional cost.

The trainings will not be automatically added to your profile, so be sure to register in myHRLearn.

Reminder emails are sent out with session information to the CReWE Listserv. 

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