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Predoctoral Fellow Applications

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency
  • Applicants must be a doctoral candidate in all-but-dissertation status at the McCormick School of Engineering with approximately one year to complete their thesis.
  • Appointment requires a 40 hours/week commitment to their training/research/associated career development activities.
  • Appointees must not have received more than 4 years of aggregate NRSA support (training grants or fellowships) at the predoctoral level.
  • Candidate mentors must have sufficient independent research support or institutional commitment to cover the costs of the proposed research project in excess of the TL1 support.

Application Requirements

Proposal (limit 4 pages, not including references)

  • Candidate's Background (limit 1 page)
  • 1-year timeline for degree completion (limit 1 page)
  • Research Project with a focus on child and adolescent health (limit 2 page)

NIH Biosketches

Letters of Support

  • Required Letters: Doctoral Program Chair, Primary Mentor
  • Additional letters as appropriate from Co-Mentors or Consultants
  • Letters should document the role of the primary and co-mentor (as applicable) in the career development of the trainee and how the work proposed fits into the overall program funded by the mentor.
  • Dr. McColley and Dr. Scott will assign a clinical co-mentor as/if appropriate at the time of appointment

Candidate Curriculum Vitae

Proposal Submission

View the full request for predoctoral applications. 

Participating Institutions: