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Taking Responsibility for the Responsible Conduct of Research

“Taking Responsibility for the Responsible Conduct of Research” is a course designed for postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty who are recipients of National Institutes of Health or other training awards that require training in Responsible Conduct of Research.

The course covers the principles and expectations for conducting biomedical research ethically and responsibly, but will go one step further to guide participants in teaching others for whom they are responsible. Each course meeting features participating instructors that include senior faculty and institutional experts. Please reference the most recent course syllabus for more information. Register here for our upcoming course.

Faculty directors and staff include Rick McGee, PhD, associate dean for Faculty Recruitment & Professional Development and professor of Medical Education; Brian Hitsman, PhD, associate professor of Preventive Medicine and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; and Jaime Ziegler, NUCATS Center for Education and Career Development (CECD) program coordinator.

For more information, contact the CECD navigator

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