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Mentoring Toolbox

The Center for Education and Career Development’s (CECD) Mentoring Toolbox provides resources to aid both mentors and mentees in reflection, setting expectations and assessment. These tools can be used individually or in tandem with one another.

Resources for Northwestern Faculty

The websites below provide useful information about faculty in all tracks and ranks who may be available for a mentoring relationship or collaborations.

  • FSM Faculty Profiles provide an overview of faculty appointments, educational background and publications.
  • NU Scholars allows for keyword searches of faculty publications and grants.
  • Mentoring Workshops provide access to full presentations and workshop recordings from series designed to enhance mentoring for both mentors and mentees.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

IDPs are career planning tools that allow mentees to define their goals, assess where they are in relation to those goals and set up concrete milestones to allow them to track progress. These tools encourage self-reflection and accountability.

Alignments and Compacts

These tools encourage safe and open communication between mentors and mentees. They will allow both parties to set expectations and define terms from the outset.


Assessments allow both parties to evaluate each other and themselves within the context of the mentoring relationship and are useful in keeping these important relationships on track.

If you have questions, please contact the CECD navigator.

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