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Video: How Healthcare is Different for People with Mobility Impairments

Carol Haywood, PhD, OTR/L, research assistant professor of Determinants of Health in the Department of Medical Social Sciences, studies intersections of chronic disability, community life, organization of health services, and access to healthcare.

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Her clinical and research backgrounds have included a heavy emphasis on disability, rehabilitation, and community participation with predoctoral training in occupational science from the University of Southern California and postdoctoral training in health services and outcomes research at Northwestern University. She has robust methodological training and experience in qualitative and community-engaged research approaches. Haywood's active research is focused on access and quality of health care for people with disabilities, including physician attitudes towards people with disabilities and medical education for disability-competent health care. She has a career development KL2 Award from the NUCATS Institute (NCATS KL2TR001424) to define factors influencing participation in healthcare for people with mobility impairments.

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