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Team Science Program

Over the past two decades, translational science has become a team-based endeavor that leverages the strengths and expertise of scientists trained in different fields. Successful teams learn through coaching to commit to interdependence, joint ownership and collective responsibility between and among scientists.

“Team Science” is the study and application of principles, techniques and strategies in order to form, develop, lead and manage groups of individuals who are part of a research project or team. Northwestern is acknowledged as an international leader in Team Science education and practice, establishing both conceptual and methodological strategies aimed at enhancing the processes and outcomes of team-based research. The Team Science Program offers the expertise and resources to help investigators and teams learn the fundamentals of team science and to support teams as they develop and mature.

The Team Science Program offers several different services:

  • Team Assembly: Help to identify potential collaborators provided within Northwestern University and its clinical affiliates, as well as within other institutions
  • Team Launch: Consultation and workshops addressing needed tools and processes to help interdisciplinary teams function efficiently
  • Team Maturation: Consultation on team management, culture, growth, new funding opportunities and transition planning

If you need assistance in team assembly, launch, or maturation activities, please fill out the Service Request Form.


Visit our Resources page for information on how to find collaborators, train in Team Science and more.


Contact Us

If you need assistance in team assembly, launch or maturation activities, please contact the Team Science Manager, Alejandra Povedano at 312-503-3415.

Participating Institutions: