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Galter Health Sciences Library and Learning Center

The Galter Health Sciences Library and Learning Center provides dedicated support services relevant to the NUCATS mission, including:  

  • Enhanced literature searching and systematic review support
  • Robust support for compliance of public access policies, including assistance with NIH Public Access Policy compliance, myNCBI reporting, research reporting guidelines and the new NIH biosketch format requirements
  • The Metrics and Impact Core, which provides services and support for bibliometrics, visualizations, assessing a study’s impact and optimizing visibility and dissemination
  • Two clinical informationists to provide a range of integrated support activities
  • Licensed bioinformatics and biostatistics software and information resources with personalized data analysis support, data management consultations and online tutorials

Housed in a comfortable and welcoming environment, the library offers study space and conference rooms to facilitate individual and team-based studies. The computers in the learning resources center were recently upgraded with a state-of-the-art research computing cluster consisting of six high-powered research machines loaded with specialized analytical, statistical and visualization software. The library offers 24-hour access to its vast collection of online medical resources including e-journals, e-books and hundreds of databases is available through the library website. Other library services include curriculum integration and support, EndNote and publication support, document delivery to users’ desktops and wireless access throughout the library.


Our partnership with NUCATS provides Galter Library with the diverse expertise to work on the enhanced literature and systematic review support for investigators; robust support for compliance of public access policies; an impact and evaluation service focused on bibliometrics, visualizations and research impact; centralization and provision of licensed bioinformatics and biostatistics software and information resources; and commitment to digital innovation and the dissemination of research findings.”

Kristi Holmes, PhD, director of Galter Health Sciences Library and Learning Center and associate professor of Preventive Medicine in the Division of Health and Biomedical Informatics and of Medical Education

Contact Us

For more information, contact Kristi Holmes, PhD, at 312-503-8133.

Kristi Holmes, PhD

Kristi Holmes, PhD, is a bioinformaticist with a background in research impact and genomic medicine and the director of Galter Health Sciences Library. She is also associate director of evaluation at NUCATS. Dr. Holmes leads a team of highly-trained librarians and informationists ready to meet the biomedical information needs of the NUCATS and Feinberg School of Medicine communities.

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