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Northwestern University Data & Analysis Coordinating Center

Northwestern University Data & Analysis Coordinating Center (NUDACC) members are experts in all components of the study life cycle including: study planning and design, data collection tool development, data monitoring and curation, regulatory reporting, statistical methods for data analysis and preparation of results for dissemination of findings. The center streamlines the research process and translates study findings.

Contact Us

Visit the NUDACC website to learn more or contact them at For more information, contact Denise Scholtens, PhD.

NUDACC empowers innovative, high-impact clinical research through a structured and cohesive approach to multicenter study planning and conduct. All study design, data curation and statistical analysis components prioritize multidisciplinary teamwork, rigor and efficiency.”

Denise Scholtens, PhD, professor of Preventive Medicine, chief of the Division of Biostatistics and director of Northwestern University Data Analysis and Coordinating Center

Participating Institutions: