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Center for Translational Innovation

The Center for Translational Innovation (CTI) offers expertise in areas of technology commercialization and innovation. Whether it’s a new faculty looking to get their innovation to the bedside or a seasoned innovator looking to create a business, CTI can provide counsel, guidance and resources to propel this process to successful outcomes. CTI offers counsel relating to: pilot grant funding, mentorship programs, commercialization clinics and courses, intellectual property protection, business development and regulatory strategy.

The Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) partnered with NUCATS to create the CTI. INVO is a Northwestern office that focuses on identifying technologies with commercial potential, increasing the value of those technologies through intellectual property protection and helping in the development and movement towards commercialization through licensing, new ventures and partnering. The INVO team actively scouts for faculty research with commercialization potential and offers guidance on their potential commercial development. INVO also frequently hosts campus events and programs to help support the growing culture of commercialization and entrepreneurship at Northwestern.

INVO recently launched a new Inventor Portal that is now available to complete and submit Northwestern Disclosure Forms entirely online. Visit the INVO website to learn more about the disclosure process and when to disclose.

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Alicia Löffler, PhD

The CTI is led by Alicia Löffler, PhD. Previously, Löffler founded the Center for Biotechnology Management at the Kellogg School, focusing on management of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. She was a founding board member of the Biotechnology Institute. She received her bachelor's degree from University of Minnesota and PhD from University of Massachusetts, with postdoctoral work at Caltech in biochemical engineering.

Alexandra de Paz, PhD

Alexandra de Paz is the assistant director of New Ventures at the Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) and the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Previously, she worked with Nick Maull as a N.XT Fund Venture Associate where she performed due diligence on Northwestern startup companies for N.XT investment. Prior to N.XT, she completed the INVO Practicum where she evaluated patentability, marketability, and commercialization potential for new Northwestern technologies.

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