Advice & Consultation

NUCATS is the core support for Northwestern biomedical investigators and entrepreneurs.  Our goal is to make research at Northwestern faster, better, and cheaper, so we want to be your one-stop shop that takes your research idea from the beginning to the end effectively and efficiently.  Please access the resources below to help you find the tools and services you need to create and execute successful research.

Navigator Consultation Form

These personal research managers can assist you, the investigator, at any stage of the biomedical research pipeline.  Contact one of our navigators today by requesting a NUCATS consultation.


Browse through the three stages of biomedical research and find out how NUCATS can support each stage

Analytic Services

These research cores provide expertise in research design, statistical analysis, programming and data management

Community & Practice Engagement

Engaging with the community is an important part of the research spectrum.  We can connect you to valuable community resources to enhance your research.

I Am

What is your function in the biomedical research pipeline? We outline service support for investigators, research staff, students, trainees, industry professionals, community members and organizations, patients, and research participants

I Need

Let us direct you to effective services that support common research needs